5 reasons why you need your own yoga mat.


Do I absolutely need my own yoga mat? Can't I just use the one in the yoga or gym? Maybe you have asked yourself this question before... I was just like that in the beginning, but I have to say, after the first few times in the Cobra and the thought of how often the mat was used before me, it was relatively clear to me. Here are a few points that speak for your own yoga mat or which we appreciate about your own yoga mat:

  1. My home is my castle. Your yoga mat is the place where you can let go, relax and come to rest. If you feel 100% well, you can also relax better. As is well known, it is best to sleep in your own bed 😉
  2. Hygiene. You know exactly how often the yoga mat has been cleaned, because you clean it yourself. So you don't need an extra towel that slips away or gets in your way. > br>
  3. From anywhere. You can also do yoga at other places outside the studio. After all, this gives you more flexibility and possibilities: whether you are travelling or in the park, on the beach, etc. For example, at yoga retreats or outdoor yoga sessions it often says: 'Bring your own mat'.