Bali Yoga Studio Guide

Bali Yogastudio Guide

Bali is simply the perfect place for yoga - the whole island has a unique, spiritual atmosphere and a very large selection of yoga studios and courses. Therefore you will find my personal recommendations for Ubud and Canggu in this little guide.


1. The Practice

Style: Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga

The Practice is one of my absolute favourite studios and after me one of the most beautiful in Bali. Super centrally located in the hustle and bustle of Canggu, you only have to turn into a side street and you will find this quiet oasis with a very special atmosphere. In The Practice is taught by selected, experienced teachers and I found the quality of the lessons really unique. We attended a Moon Hatha class there in the evening and found the class very special, thoughtful and grounded. Not least because of the very special Bamboo Yoga Shala with a view of the rice fields (and the beautiful staircase ;)) it was definitely worth a visit.

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The Practice Bali Yogastudio Canggu The Practice Bali Yogastudio Canggu

3. Samadi

style: Advanced Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional self-practicing Mysore In addition, there are also Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Meditation Classes, as well as various workshops, events & trainings such as Breathwork, Yoga Nidda workshops and much more.

Highlight: Healthy Soulfood in the corresponding Café - Porridge, Bowls, Smoothies and every Sunday from 9-14 o'clock there is an Organic Market.
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4. pranava

style: Hatha and Vinyasa Flow for all levels. Also Ashtanga, Yin and even 4 times a week Anti-Gravity Yoga.

There are some Indonesian/Balinese teachers teaching here and we also had the feeling that many locals visit the classes there. The atmosphere is super relaxed, the studio is located between rice fields and is furnished in typical Balinese style. I visited a Slow Vinyasa class with Nina and can only recommend her - the class was very creative and she responded individually to her students.

Pranava_Yogastudio_Canggu_Bali_Garden Pranava_Yogastudio_Canggu_Bali_Authentisch_

5. Odyssey Mvmt

Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and fitness classes such as Sculpt, HIIT, Pilates, Barre.

The Odyssey Yoga Studio sees itself as a holistic movement, where both Yoga philosophy and functional fitness workouts have their place.

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For all those who want to do yoga for free directly on the beach
At Finn's Beach Club, Odyssey's teachers teach a vinyasa yoga class with a view of the sea every day at 8 am. At the entrance you pay 100K IDR / approx. 7€ and receive a voucher of this amount, which can be redeemed for breakfast in the café after the yoga class
The class is characterized by fast Vinyasa flows and especially during the last 20 min. it can get quite sunny & warm ;) But for that you will get cold and wet towels directly to the Savasana.



1. Yoga Barn

Style: Everything from A-Z for all levels
Probably the most famous Yoga studio in Bali in the heart of Ubud - one of the biggest in Southeast Asia and with up to 20 different classes daily there is really something for everyone from Power Yoga to Tibetan meditation.
The whole area is really huge, there are 6 different yoga rooms, an Ayurvedic spa, guest houses, the Garden Kafé, a Juice Bar and a small shop. The Yoga Barn also offers a wide range of detox retreats, cleanses, events, workshops and trainings.

We attended a Fly High, Slow Flow and Yoga with free weights session here - all classes were really nice and well attended.

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Yoga Barn Ubud Garden Yoga Barn Ubud Aerial Yoga

2. radiantly alive

style: Different styles and for all levels.
Highlight: Breath Work, Extra Sessions for Handstand and Armbalance Practice, Retreats, Events & Workshops

At Radiantly Alive there are three very nice Yoga Shalas and daily up to 15 classes of different kinds take place, so there is something for everyone.
We unfortunately didn't make it back then - but for the next visit it is definitely on the list!
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3. intuitive flow

style: From Vinyasa Flow to Yoga Nidra - but also a very own, special style called Yoga Pranala, which is a combination of Vinyasa Flow, different Pranayama & Yoga Nidda elements as well as Mudra Pranala, a Balinese healing art. Mudra Pranala is practiced with the goal of self-healing and a deeper access to consciousness. The studio overlooks the jungle and during the week there are up to 6 classes daily, 2-3 classes on Sundays.

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Padma Resort

If you are looking for a very special yoga experience in the middle of the jungle, I can only recommend the Palma Resort near Ubud. Here up to 3 yoga classes take place daily, which are free for hotel guests and where you have an incomparable view into the jungle. In addition to the classic Morning Flow class, Aerial Yoga and Sunset Yoga will also take place. The resort is certainly not cheap, but for 1-2 nights an incomparable experience.

www.padmaresortubud. com
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Padma Resort Ubud ViewPadma Resort Ubud Aerial Yoga