Chaturanga Dandasana: What really helps to practice it.

Chaturanga Dandasana Liegestütz
  • As with the plank, the back is straight, the bottom is not too high up - the belly and legs are active.
  • The hands are at the level of the middle of the body, not too far forward and the fingers are spread wide.
  • The gaze is slightly forward.
  • push-up straight back

    And a few more tips for practicing:

    #1 Use a few yoga blocks to practice! Just place them directly under your shoulders (on the 'higher level') so you can better estimate the correct distance from your hands to your shoulders. Alternatively, you can place one block under your thighs and the other under your chest.

    #2 The cobra asana is the perfect preparation for the chaturanga - it is often a little easier and strengthens the muscles for the chaturanga, so that at some point it almost works by itself.