The best yoga apps for your yoga sessions at home.

Yoga App Handy
We all love to visit a yoga class in the yoga studio of course, but currently we unfortunately have to do without it. All the better that it hardly took a few days until the first studios offered live online sessions! And that's the nice thing about yoga, which makes the current situation even clearer: You can practice everywhere and don't really need much, except of course a mat ;)

And the offer is so big by now, that there is really something for everyone and you can choose between your favourite yoga teachings and styles. For those who can't make it to a live session, there are not only the classic YouTube videos (click here for the blog article), but also a lot of yoga apps, which are ideal for building up a yoga routine.

That's why we've collected our favorite apps here to give you an overview of the respective direction & highlights.

Down Dog (For the yogis who love variety)

  • You can define many different filters and specifications for the respective yoga level, favorite style from Power to Yoga Nidra, time frame and focus such as belly or back.
  • Just if you are a beginner and want to get an overview of the different yoga styles, there is also an introductory tour over several videos - perfect for a start with yoga.
  • subscription: 7,99 USD per month / 49,99 USD per year,
  • language: German, English +7 other languages

Here you can go directly to the app:

Asana Rebel (For the Fitness Yogis & Power Workouts)
I first used the Asana Rebel app in 2016 and as far as I remember it was one of the very first yoga apps in Germany at that time. The focus here is clearly on fitness, dynamic vinyasa flows and power workouts.
  • At the beginning you can directly set goals like 'Lose weight / 'Sleep better' / 'Train more effectively' and based on the information given, the units are personalized and coaching tips are given.
  • There is also a calendar overview in which completed training sessions are entered, which I personally found to be super motivating.
  • The sessions all follow a similar style that combines yoga with fitness, so there are also very short 20-minute sessions that really make you sweat.
  • Subscription: Annual 69,99€ (5,83€ per month),
    Quarterly 49,99€ (16,66€ per month)
  • Language: German, English +4 more
Here you can go directly to the app:
Yoga Easy (Mit vielen bekannten deutschen Yogalehrern)
  • Praktische Suchfunktion für Asanas: So kann man sich seine Lieblingsübungen als Favoriten speichern und so seine eigene Playlist erstellen
  • Viele bekannte Yogalehrer aus Deutschland wie Wanda Badwal, Dr. Patrick Broome und Co unterrichten die Yoga Einheiten.
  • >Über die Asanas hinaus, gibt einige Hintergrundinfos zur Yoga-Philosophie sowie Ernährungsratgeber
  • Abonnement: 7 Tage kostenlose Testphase
    Option A: weiterhin kostenlos nutzen, aber nur für Asana Tutorials
    Option B: alle Inhalte für 1 Monat 15,99 Euro, 12 Monate 129,99 (10,83€ pro Monat)
  • Sprache: Deutsch

Hier gehts direkt zur App: