The OBOVE Spotify Playlists: Our favorite yoga songs.

OBOVE YOGA Spotify Playlist

OBOVE is now also on Spotify!

> For us, music is an integral part of a yoga session - it helps us immerse ourselves even better and switch off. That's why we have collected all our favourite yoga songs and created 3 Spotify Playlists for you.

>>a href=" si=Ksm9f2YoRkaGLXu0u-gYZge&utm_source=OBOVE+Subscribers&utm_campaign=7688d53cc1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_12_07_10_50_01& utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_95b2c10c94-7688d53cc1-351421257&mc_cid=7688d53cc1& mc_eid=974d39c274" target="_blank" title="Gentle Morning Flow Playlist" rel="noopener noreferrer">Gentle Morning Flow
Perfect for a gentle yoga flow for a nice start into the day

Good Night Session
For a soothing yoga conclusion in the evening.

Power Goddess Flow
For a powerful and dynamic Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow

Egal, whether for a yoga session or just in between - come and visit us on Spotify and we wish you a lot of fun listening. Of course we want to update and expand the playlists regularly, so there will always be something new to listen to.