4 tips how to master the yoga crow.


The Crow, Crow Pose or Bakasana named, is definitely an impressive yoga pose and can be quite challenging. In the beginning, especially with the crow, it is important that you warm up and prepare yourself well. It is best to do some sun salutations and mobilise your wrists before you start.

  1. Take a yoga bolster or pillow to help you. Place it in front of you on the mat - this will give you the security to land easily in case of an emergency and can take away your fear when shifting your weight forward.
  1. Always look forward. Keep your eyes and focus on the front and not on the bottom - this way you can keep your balance better.
  1. Place your feet on a yoga block or e.g. a book. This will help you to bring your knees higher on your upper arms and you can start more easily into the crow.
  1. The most important thing at the end: Be patient!

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