Frequently Asked Questions

Out of which materials are the yoga mats made of?
The OBOVE yogamats are all made of natural rubber, microfibre and faux suede. More regarding the materials and its features you can find here.

How to clean or take care of the mat?
You can always wash your yoga mat in the washing machine at a low cycle for delicates. Afterwards your mat is super fresh again and you can just hang and air-dry your mat.

How to use the OBOVE cover mat in the best way?
She fits perfectly as a cover on one of the mats in your yoga studio. So you benefit from both, the advantages of your grippy, hygienic and light yoga mat leichten Matte and the thick, cushioning support of the studio mat below.

How to transport the yoga mat in the best way?
The cover mat is easy foldable to the size of a paper and fits perfectly into a handbag or backpack. So even on travels you can take your mat with you by just storing it in your hand luggage.

Why are the OBOVE Mats so grippy?
The microfibre surface absorbs the sweat directly, so your hands and feet don't slip away even during demanding positions. That means, the more you sweat the better the grip gets.

Do you plan to launch other products as well?
Definitely. We are always on the hunt for new products and designs and behind the scenes we are planning some fresh new items- stay tuned!